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Product Description

Serai Organic Mosquito Dispeller Complete Set

Consist of:

Mopping Solution 100ml x1
Door, Window & Clothes 100ml x1
Hands & Legs for Adult 60ml x1
Hands & Leng for Kids 60ml x1
Hands & Legs for Adult 20ml x1
Hands & Legs for Kids 20ml x1


Mopping Solution: Use on a clean floor, mop like a solution. Just 1 pump for every 5 liters of water a mop for protection evenly in an open room or area.


Door, Window & Clothes: Specially formulated for application on doors and windows, or holes where mosquitoes can enter. Or rub on clothes so that wherever you go, the mosquitoes are reluctant to approach. Good for indoor spaces.


Hands & Legs for Adul & Kids: Made from high quality Organic Lemongrass, Virgin Coconut Oil and Peppermint Essential Oil. Distilled without any chemicals that are safe to use by you and the kids. Last up to 3 hours. Suitable for outdoor or on the go.


Serai Oil is a product of our family’s very own farm, planted without pesticide or chemicals and distilled with natural process to ensure pureness and density.

Serai Oil is distilled naturally to protect you from mosquito attacks as well as provide good benefits for the body and breathing. Safe to breathe.


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